Mister Meme-ers Misdemeanors

Recently I came across a meme on Instagram against hijab and it’s wearers which was meanly made and posted on the page of a somewhat prominent local hijabi. 

“We wear the hijab because we create lust in men.  We must not excite their arousal” it emblazoned over a picture of the lady and 3 other hijabis.  A clearly nasty dig at Islam, Hijab and Muslim Women.

In the absence of a unisex title,  I will call it’s maker Mr Meme-er, though it may well be a Miss or Mrs.

I have some questions for Mr Meme-er. 

Obviously you don’t wear a hijab,  but why do you care if other people do?  What’s it to you?  No ones asking you to wear one are they?  Why are you so irate over a square meter of flimsy fabric?

Mr Meme-er,  must our lives, dress code and realities all be the same?  Is the only acceptable way of life in this world an identikit version of your own?  And if so, what makes your ideals superior to that of other peoples?   Is it simple because they are YOURS?

Humanity – wide and varied are its beliefs, culture, food and dress.  Jeans & T-Shirts.  Flip flops or skyscraper heels.  Grey wool business suit or pink and orange sari.   Bikini or Burqini.   
Unlike The Quran – Mr Meme-er does not seem to advocate freedom of choice.

Mr Meme-er,  you need to chill.   You must be very hot under that collar.



4 responses to “Mister Meme-ers Misdemeanors

  1. Good article. I totally agree. I live in an area with a lot of Muslim citizens. It really can feel uncomfortable when you are at the park and a totally black clad woman shows up (as happens on occasion). You can’t see anything but her eyes. She makes no attempt to socialize (which would make things a lot easier) but nor do we. The only other time we see this is when we are watching videos of ISIS on TV, so in our world so far apart, it is natural to be off guard or feel uncomfortable. (OK so that is our perspective, and hoping the Muslim can at least partially understand why this is how a lot of people feel.)

    Does that excuse hatred? No. Does that give me the right to judge? No, though everyone should be free to judge as they wish.

    But here is a point that I would like to make, that does not get communicated. There are several truly “bad” people in America. They commit crime against others (property crimes, theft, assault, rape). We all fear these people. Hard data will support the position that if my neighbors in America are Indian, Oriental, Arabic, or Persian, I can sleep at night knowing that they are not there to violate me or my family. They respect and obey the law, and they respect and obey others, perhaps much more than second and third generation American Citizens. For that we should truly welcome you with open arms. Sometimes it’s just nice to know if you detest violent Islam as much as we do. Because as a human race we must not sanction violence, religious or otherwise.

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    • Thanks for you comment I really appreciate your feedback! I totally understand how taken aback a person might be when seeing women in a park dressed in head to toe black in a ‘shorts and top’ society. Its unusual, it stands out and our eyes are not accustomed to this sight and the media has tarred them with a certain brush. I remember in my early days in Islam when I first came across women dressed like this, even as a Muslim I found it a little confronting, but after I got to know them I stopped seeing the veil and started seeing the people – the funny, bright, humorous, sweet characters beneath, some of whom became close friends. Having said that, I was privy to their social world in a way a stranger in a park would not be. Where I live there are a handful of Muslim women but no-one here wears the all black synonymous with the Middle East.

      The women who were meme’d in the photo were wearing ordinary western clothes – colourful long skirts – but with matching headscarves. Which is hardly confronting to anyone really.

      The overwhelming vast majority of the Muslim community do condemn violence and religious extremism of all kinds, as it taught in the religion itself. People like Isis make up about 0.003% of Muslims. Sadly our voices aren’t always heard – either we don’t speak loud enough or they are drowned out by screaming headlines to the opposite effect.

      Peace 🙂


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