love is a journey
through a series of doors
in each, a classroom
exposing our flaws

love is a mountain
we feel compelled to climb
and never cease trying
through the passage of time

love is an escape hatch
from the pain that we see
searching for wings
whilst trying to just be

love is an effort
a tome and an art
a souls life story
of together and apart

love is a misleader
it can hurt, wreck and tear
blinding one from reason
advise to use with care

love is a purity
that sets a spirit free
bringing about the selfless
preferring another over me

love is a chance
we take, time and again
our hope in it endless
the heart craving zen

love is a destiny
of thoughts, words and deeds
with wisdom make your choices
for these are but seeds

love thy fellow man
thy friend and thy foe
tread gently upon earth
give joy where you go

that all that you loved
that all that you did
might follow you forever
to loves eternal bliss

(c) KJ Saunders 2015



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