Islam may be one of the most misunderstood religions of our time.

This could be due to a number of factors –  apparently Islamic countries who have left or mixed the true teachings with (often misogynistic) cultural practices that have no basis in Islam.   Or because of agenda based media hype and stereo-typing –  drama sells more than peace.   It could also be the behaviour of uneducated immigrants, or the actions of desperate (and also uneducated) youth driven by a huge sense of injustice in their or their parents homelands, as well as peoples general mistrust, and fear even,  of all things unknown.  And of course ‘extremists’ who’s acts are so depraved they have not right to associate with any of the worlds faiths.

The remedy to the above is of course education – for Muslims and Non-Muslims alike.    Most people find they are pleasantly suprised by the innate justice and beauty of Islam.   The logic and the science.   The simplicity and the depth.  The spirituality and the peace.

Watch the FAQ menu for updates, where I will touch simply on ordinary things you might want to know but were too afraid to ask.



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