Thus, wrote my soul

thus wrote my soul
in one of life’s strangest dances
envisioning the goal
taking no chances

be you wanting to protest
or fluid and free
a chosen step on a path
for eternity

this was not the road planned
nor seen, nor taught
dancing with ideas
of rational thought

pottering, pandering,
sitting on a fence
thus knew my soul
ignorance no defence

One calling the heart
a knowing inside
like they say you can run
but you cannot hide

thus opined my soul
after a very long time
that peace you are craving
only comes from divine

thus said my soul
I submit and I come
I declare my belief
That God, He is One

so bow does my soul
head lowered in prayer
in peace
in submission
for the time
I am here

(c) KJ Saunders 2015

heaven clouds and water


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